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How to Use the CANHR Nursing Home Guide ™

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The CANHR Nursing Home Guide™ is a powerful tool that holds detailed information on every state-licensed nursing home in California.

You may search for sets of facilities by City or County, and individual facilities by facility name or address. You may also narrow your searches to show only facilities that have indicated that they offer certain services that you can specify.

Once you have found one or more nursing homes, there are three levels of detail at which you may look at them:

1. Contact listing—lists facility names, addresses, and phone numbers, in a compact      format.
2. Comparison listing—lists facility contact information, plus a table for each facility      showing totals by year of regulatory history statistics.
3. Detail listing—lists detailed information for an individual facility, including brief      descriptions of fines (citations) issued, and facility services and business data.

Keep in mind that, for the comparison listing and the detail listing, there are pages that will allow you to print in compact format.

Many other resources, including fact sheets, news, and an overview of CANHR's other services are available on CANHR's main website (

IMPORTANT TIP: While using this site, it is important that you use only the buttons and menus provided on the web-pages for navigation, and NOT the "Forward"/"Back" buttons on your browser's toolbar; otherwise, information related to your search may be lost, forcing you to begin your search anew.

Conducting a Nursing Home Search

To start a nursing home search from the "Welcome" page, click once on the "find a home" tab, or on "start your search."

If, at any time, you wish to conduct a new search, you should return to the "Welcome" page by clicking the "Welcome" tab, and start again from the beginning.

Selecting a Search Type

CANHR Nursing Home Guide™ gives you three ways that you may search:
1. By City
2. By County
3. By facility name and/or address

The Search-by-City option is the one that comes up when you first go to search for a facility—to select another type of search, use the links on the left-hand side of the screen.

Searching by Services

In some cases, when you know that the person being placed will require a particular service, you may wish to narrow your search results by looking only for facilities that offer that service.

The City and County searches may be "refined" by filtering to find only facilities that have responded to CANHR questionnaires and said that they offer certain services that you may specify.

To perform a "refined" search, select either the "search by city" or "refined search by county" option. Once you have entered the city or county name, select one or more of the checkboxes.

—Select only those services that are essential. Selecting fewer options will yield more results.

—With the exception of Medi-Cal and Medicare*, only facilities that have answered CANHR questionnaires and said that they offer the requested service(s) will be found. In some cases, facilities that offer the requested service(s) will not be found because they have not answered CANHR questionnaires.

*Data regarding whether a facility accepts Medi-Cal and Medicare comes from other sources, so selecting just Medi-Cal and/or Medicare, and no other service(s), will not limit the search to facilities that have answered questionnaires.

Viewing Your Search Results

The results of your search will be returned in a brief, contact-listing format, compact enough to be printed. If there are more than 50 facilities found, additional listings will appear on following page.

For more information on the found set of facilities, there are two options:

you may use the checkboxes provided to select a set of facilities to view in a comparison listing that shows quality indicator data for each facility,


you may click on the name of a particular facility to view detailed information about that one facility.

—Some facilities may not have returned the questionnaire data that makes up part of the information provided in the detailed listings. There will still be detailed information on these facilities from state and federal data on finances, census surveys, inspections, and enforcement actions.

Please let us know if you find this service useful, and if you have any suggestions for how it might be improved.


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